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(Los Angeles, CA) – The PA Collection recently unveiled an array of scintillating intimate apparel that includes bra and panty sets, thongs, bodysuits, baby dolls, teddys, g strings, corsets, slips, robes, and garter belts. Conceived by designer Patricia Ayala, the line emerges from the same signature design principle she established with her main evening dress collections – endlessly romantic while evoking a playful sense of allure. That delicate balance is evident throughout all the pieces: from the sensuous feel of the fabrics to the sophisticated color tones, trims and details. Every piece in the line is manufactured with superior standards from the finest quality laces, silks and satins, painstakingly sourced from vintage finds and the best fabric mills. Equal attention has been paid to their functionality as underpinnings from support to fit.
“Because lingerie is at the very foundation of any look, the importance of wearing the right intimate apparel cannot be underestimated,” says Patricia. “It has to fit well underneath your clothes and provide able support. It has to be comfortable, soft and feel wonderful against your skin. The right lingerie can make a world of difference to how you look and feel.” Guided by those concerns, Patricia created PA Collection as the ultimate lingerie line with an eye toward bold, confident designs. Available in sizes extra small to large at retail from $70 to $90, the PA Collection can be purchased 
PATRICIA AYALA is the multi-faceted, Australia-based designer behind an array of labels rapidly gaining momentum as essential must-haves for women everywhere. Her bona fides run deep as a next generation fashionista whose mother worked on some of the biggest brands in the world and infused in her an intrinsic understanding of style and a skill for sewing from a very early age. She began her career in production and operations, gradually moving on to development, marketing and design. Through those early years, she designed various categories including knits as well as men’s and children’s wear. Her inherent artistic eye coupled with formidable business acumen drove her to eventually launch her eponymous line in 1995. She eventually streamlined her concepts into specific niches, which she felt were being underserved in the market, focusing on evening and intimate apparel. At the very core of Patricia Ayala’s designs is a joyful self expression for women in wearing something truly spectacular in the context of these very special moments thereby creating unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.
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